Capturing the Magic of the Desert: The Inspiration Behind My 'Golden Hour' Collection

Capturing the Magic of the Desert: The Inspiration Behind My 'Golden Hour' Collection

The desert landscape at dawn and dusk never fails to inspire me with its captivating beauty. The way the changing light washes over the red earth and rocky ranges fills me with a sense of wonder and love for the land and sky. Naturally, this feeling inspires me to paint!

My collection of landscape paintings, "Golden Hour," was born from a visit to Harts Range, near Alice Springs in northern Australia. My toddler and I were fortunate enough to spend a week with my artist mother, Carolyn Brennan-Tucker. From this visit, I created a magical series that showcases the warmth and majesty of the landscapes at Harts Range.

During our visit, we explored the area, raided my mum's garden for gemstones, and took sandy desert walks with the classic Australian fly-batting technique. Fossicking for gemstones was a highlight, and I don't know who enjoyed that more - myself or my daughter! I brought back many raw garnets that I used to create unique mixed media artworks that capture the essence of the desert landscape. The deep, warm reds of the garnets add a glorious sparkle to the pieces.

My favorite painting in the "Golden Hour" collection is the one it's named after. With details such as abstract desert pea flowers, she’s full of sweet little moments and intricacies.  Although it doesn't feature gemstones, it's a stunning warm wonder. I wish I could show it to you in person! If you're a fan of gem-embellished artwork, check out "All Her Burning Glory" for some stunning sparkle.

Toddler next to vibrant red desert pea flower. Close up of a maroon and orange gem embellished desert landscape artwork

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