An ornate truck in Pakistan showcasing Pakistani Truck Art

Patterns and Places: Finding Inspiration in the Diverse Landscapes, Intricate Patterns, and Beautiful Crafts of Pakistan

As a contemporary artist, my creative process is deeply grounded in my experiences, surroundings, and travels. Recently, I had the opportunity to go on a three-week trip to Pakistan, and the experience has definitely left a mark on me. I went with my family of three to visit my husband's family there, and feel very fortunate to have experienced such a beautiful culture. As we explored the diverse landscapes from Abbottabad to Lahore to Multan, intricate patterns found on clothing, trucks, rugs and furniture, I was captivated by the sense of wonder and beauty that surrounded me. I am excited to share my journey and and inspirations with you through my upcoming collection of artworks "Patterns and Places", soon to be released in early May, 2023. 

The rugged snowy mountains of the north, the lush green fields of Punjab, and the ancient shrines of Multan absolutely blew me away. These landscapes inspired me to create abstract paintings of the patterns and places that reflect the beauty and wonder I experienced while immersed in the landscapes during my travels.

The intricate patterns that are a feature of Pakistani art and design also captured my attention. From the delicate tracery on mosque doors to the bold motifs on highly decorated trucks, I found the interplay of these patterns to be mesmerising. In my new collection, I plan to explore the way that lines, shapes, and colors can combine to create something that reflects what I saw but has a unique beauty all of its own. 

The beautiful rugs of Pakistan were another highlight of my trip. I had trouble getting my hands on a handmade rug from Pakistan, but on the very day we left for Australia, I was lucky enough to find one made in Balochistan. I only wish I had room in my luggage for more!

The pottery of Pakistan also left a lasting impression on me. We often saw roadside stalls selling pottery decorated with flowers. It was the more rustic looking pots that I loved, the earthy hues and simple designs on these vessels really appealed to me, and I plan to capture this connection between art and place in my abstract florals and landscapes in my upcoming collection. 

I am excited to share my new collection in May, and look forward to sharing more of my journey as I go. The artworks will reflect my love for this beautiful and complex country, and I hope that it will inspire others to explore the beauty and wonder of Pakistan.

My toddler looking tiny compared to the large ornate domed shrine behind her in Multan Turquoise and brick detail of a Shrine in Multan.

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