About us


I am the artist behind the scenes of Living Small. The name ‘Living Small’ started as a bit of fun when my family and I downsized from a country home in New South Wales to a townhouse, and the name has held a charm of its own ever since.

Through Living Small I will showcase my art, as well as that of my talented mumma-duck, Carolyn Brennan-Tucker.

And that’s just the beginning!

Elle Pervez

Elle Pervez grew up in a creative family of five, between a farm in rural New South Wales and remote communities in the Northern Territory. This inspired within her a love of the vast and ever changing Australian landscape, which continues to be a strong influence in her art practice.

Her signature style is abundant with colour and texture; she uses a combination of brush strokes and palette knives to build textural detail, and every now and again you will see metallic gold leaf and oil stick in order to create a unique mixed media work with a sense of luxury.

Elle's artworks are all about conjuring a sense of connectedness to the Australian landscape, using colour and shape to convey and evoke emotion, memory and a sense of place. After a work is finished, she often takes her paintings on little adventures to photograph them out in the native Australian bushland.

“I love painting landscapes with loose emotive brush strokes and building textural detail with palette knives. It brings me great joy to find that others love my work too, and that my paintings are now hanging in homes all over Australia!”

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn Brennan-Tucker is a teacher and artist living in a remote community in the Northern Territory. She paints the landscapes around her, often concentrating on the rocky hills, trees and beautiful cloud formations at dusk that she sees on her evening walks. She has lived in many parts of Australia, and you will see the influence this has had on her work through her past and present works.

Carolyn paints with acrylics, often on a large scale, capturing the essence of the landscape around her.

Carolyn has always been artistic and started to paint seriously in 2008 when she returned to Timber Creek to work at the local school.

“I was irrevocably drawn to the baobab tree; they were all around me. I visualised them as people, and studied their life cycle and amazing forms, and so I started painting them, winning the People's Choice award in 2009 at the Pine Creek Gold Rush Festival, and selling my first painting after exhibiting at the Timber Creek festival.”

Now Carolyn lives and works in the desert surrounded by the East MacDonnell Ranges. She chases the light and shadows she sees morning and evening, capturing the changing times of the day on her canvas.